7 Free OpenCart Templates And Themes For Dazzling Your Clients

7 Free OpenCart Templates And Themes For Dazzling Your Clients

There are hundreds of websites out there proclaiming to have free OpenCart templates or free OpenCart themes which then turns out a list of deactivated, boring or even paid themes!

So, I thought I would post up this list of 7 genuinely free OpenCart templates for you to peruse, download and use in all of your OpenCart projects. I should add here that I haven’t made any of these and I don’t earn anything by providing a link to their website so this is completed based upon the design of the templates and nothing else!

Carbon | Free OpenCart Template

A carbon styled free OpenCart template

A Carbon Styled Free OpenCart Template

This one is undoubtedly one of the best free OpenCart templates I have seen since beginning to work with the system. It is a stylish, modern looking theme which is completely unique. Has some great images as standard as well and I love the layout. Would definitely recommend playing around with this one!

Demo | Download

Jewelry | Free OpenCart Template

Free OpenCart template for a jewelry ecommerce store

Free OpenCart Template For A Jewelry Ecommerce Store

This is a free OpenCart template created by hosting company HostAndWin. Bit of a dodgy name for a hosting company and undoubtedly puts a few people off thinking it is a bit spammy but they have a small collection of well designed OpenCart themes available for free and “Jewelry” is the best design out of all of them. It is a two column simple template which I would imagine could be moulded to many other types of website apart from jewellery!

Demo | Download

ThemeGlobal | Free OpenCart template

ThemeGlobal is a stylish free opencart template available for download

ThemeGlobal Is A Stylish Free OpenCart Template Available For Download

ThemeGlobal is another free OpenCart template which is offered by yet another hosting company (spotting a trend here?) which is remarkably well-designed and has a slick colour scheme and a NIVO slider. As far as I can tell it is cross-compatible and would provide a good E-commerce design for many different websites!

Demo | Download

Kids | Free OpenCart Template

A Kids Store theme for OpenCart

A Kids Store Theme For OpenCart

This is a simple but friendly design for a kids store you can use for openCart. It is cross browser compatible but is only compatible with OpenCart systems before 1.5 so use with caution if you are running a later version of the system.


Sullen | Free OpenCart Template

A free clothing website theme for OpenCart

A Free Clothing Website Theme For OpenCart

Sullen is a product focussed free theme for OpenCart which has a large easy-to-see navigation system which is great for E-commerce stores where the clothes are the main focus (rightly so!). There is little information on the download page so I cannot say what the template support will be like but it seems a nice, clean theme to use. And because it’s free, there’s not much to lose!


Ya Template | Free OpenCart Template

This is a clean block template with bold colours

This Is a Clean Block Template With Bold Colours

Ya Template is another free openCart theme whcih doesn’t have a demo version but looks great and works even better. It is a simple, clean and block template which uses big typography with bold colours to make sure you don’t forget about it in a hurry!


Fashion | Free OpenCart Template

Fashion store free opencart template

Free OpenCart Template For Fashion Store

I debated whether or not I would put this one in the list and in the end (obviously) I decided to show it. The reason I was hesistant was because the theme itself is not so spectacular but with a little modification this could easily become a premium grade theme for you to use on clothing OpenCart sites.

Demo | Download

That’s it for now…

Believe it or not, this is the very best of all the OpenCart templates out there. There are hundreds of free themes and templates for the OpenCart system but most of them are just people changing the background colour of a few boxes and calling it a new theme. Even when paying it is difficult to find some truly unique OpenCart systems and the only reason I can think of really is that developers are only interested in making Magento or WordPress themes to sell.

Granted, there is a much smaller market for paid OpenCart themes but I would say that there is an over-saturation of WordPress themes out there and although there may be less people paying for OpenCart templates it would be much easier to dominate if you put forward high quality templates. Just a parting thought of course!

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  1. Alica_Casaligi
    Alica_Casaligi 20 April, 2012, 09:35

    Its very helpful…thanx…..

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  2. Việt Designer
    Việt Designer 1 June, 2012, 01:17

    Awesome theme! thanks for share :)

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  3. Umer Akhtar
    Umer Akhtar 4 July, 2012, 06:32

    Nice themes collection. Specially the first one is great. Thanks for share

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  4. Charles
    Charles 2 August, 2012, 01:50

    Hi, I tried to apply your carbon theme to my opencart site i am building for a client but i get two errors one is ”
    Syntax error, unexpected token” at guest check out and the other is that when i try to register a new user from the checkout the region/state drop down is blank. Please any help on how to solve this will be most appreciated

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    • Jack W. Davis
      Jack W. Davis Author 2 August, 2012, 11:59

      Hi Charles,

      I’m afraid I can’t really say what that error is, it may well be connected to a customisation/vqMod/OpenCart version issue with your store. You can get in touch with the developer at http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=3985 and they should be able to point you in the right direction of a fix. It might sound daft but are you sure you’re running the right version of OpenCart for the theme?



  5. Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav 15 October, 2012, 04:20

    Going to start new store using opencart and your themes are really nice to start my own store online in starting. Thanks for this collection.

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  6. sandeep
    sandeep 31 October, 2012, 11:00

    Nice Theme for Opencart thank’s

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    kamran ahmad kami 24 November, 2012, 10:27

    good keep it up :)

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    Sandeep Yadav 22 September, 2014, 14:30

    Thanks for these aweseome templates

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